We are making a change for a better world

Stoves and fireplaces with the clearSkies certification produce significantly lower levels of emissions compared to open fires and older stoves. Independent tests have shown a clearSkies stove produces up to 90% less emissions than an open fire and 80% less emissions than the average 10-year-old stove.

If a stove or fireplace is clearSkies certified you can be assured that it meets ALL the criteria needed to be legally installed and meets the latest environmental standards. You don’t need to look for any other certification.

clearSkies demonstrates the industry’s commitment to improving air quality by developing low carbon heating solutions, and by choosing a clearSkies certified product you too are doing your bit to lower emissions, improve air quality and make a change for a better world.


Our Mission

clearSkies’ mission is to improve air quality by encouraging the industry to move beyond the minimum requirements set by regulations and to help homeowners clearly identify those stoves and fireplaces that meet these exacting standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is for homeowners to look for a clearSkies product when choosing their new fireplace or stove, and to consider replacing open fires and older stoves with a clearSkies certified model.

Fact 1

clearSkies stoves & fireplaces improve air quality through dramatically reduced emissions producing up to 90% less emissions than an open fire and up to 80% less emissions than the average 10-year-old stove

Fact 2

clearSkies stoves & fireplaces are a low carbon & renewable heating solution

Fact 3

all clearSkies stoves & fireplaces have been independently verified as meeting the latest standards. For clearSkies Level 3 and above this includes UK legislative requirements on smoke control zones

Fact 4

clearSkies is an objective, independent and not-for-profit certification scheme open to all manufacturers

Improved air quality & reduced emissions

By swapping your open fire or 10+ year old stove for a clearSkies certified appliance you will reduce particulate emissions by up to 90%

Cost effective to run

It costs less to run a clearSkies stove or fireplace than an open fire or average 10-year-old stove because you need significantly less logs for the same amount of heat.

Designed to use quality fuel

clearSkies stoves & fireplaces have precision engineered fireboxes designed to use quality dry wood fuel. Choose wood fuel with a moisture content of 20% & below for improved efficiency & lower emissions.

Future proof appliances

By choosing a clearSkies certified appliance you ensure your stove or fireplace meets and, in many cases, exceeds the latest standards & legislative requirements.

Low carbon & sustainable heating

A clearSkies stove or fireplace is a low carbon and sustainable heating solution for you and your family’s needs.

clearSkies legal structure

clearSkies is an objective and independent emissions and energy performance and certification mark for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces. The clearSkies Scheme has been developed jointly by representatives of appliance manufacturers through the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), chimney system manufacturers, appliance testing laboratories and bodies providing certification of biomass fuelled appliances.

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clearSkies Scheme objectives & scope

The key objective of the clearSkies Scheme is to incentivise the development of cleaner and more efficient appliances and to provide a nationally recognised standard of verified appliance performance in terms of emissions and efficiency.

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