The clearSkies Scheme is owned and operated by clearSkies Mark Ltd which trades as clearSkies. clearSkies Mark Ltd is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

The clearSkies Mark Ltd board has nine members plus communications support as follows:

Andy Hill - Chair

Andy has worked in the UK organics and alternative fuels sectors for over 17 years, with 9 years spent at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK where his focus was on the commercial development of alternative fuels for a range of markets. Following his successful career at SUEZ, Andy set up his own consultancy business, Cynosure Partners, and he is also the deputy chairman of the Wood Recyclers’ Association, which represents both UK producers and European energy and panel board consumers, chair of the Stove Industry Alliance, along with non-executive chair roles for Gavin Griffiths Group and RPM Plant, and as a senior advisor for N+P.

Gordon Allison - Technical – Air Quality

Gordon is a consultant at DustScanAQ with over 25 years’ experience in air pollution measurement and management, including in greenhouse gas emissions. He has been a guest lecturer at Birmingham University in air pollution for nearly 20 years. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and is active in renewable energy consultancy.

Amanda Lea-Langton - Technical – Emissions & Energy Performance

Amanda is an academic specialising in bioenergy engineering. She leads research into the development of future fuels and emissions minimisation. Amanda has a BEng (Hons) in Fuel and Energy Engineering, an MSc in Environmental Pollution Control and a PhD in the area of emissions using biofuels. She is an elected member of several combustion and emissions committees.

Erica Malkin - Communications & Treasurer

Erica is responsible for the communications and treasury functions of the clearSkies scheme and has worked in the stove and fireplace industry for the last 13 years as editor of Fires & Fireplaces magazine and awards manager for the long-running fireplace industry exhibition, Hearth & Home until 2018 and as the current communications manager for the Stove Industry Association. She has held a variety of marketing and PR positions within both the public and private sectors and now runs her own communications consultancy.

Peter Mintoft - Technical – Appliance

Peter has worked continuously in solid fuel/gas/electric appliance product development since 1988 and is head of technical for the Stove Industry Association. From an engineering apprentice, to now managing director of a significant UK stove and fire manufacturer, he has amassed considerable product design and approval experience and holds several patents. Outside the industry he is a volunteer steam locomotive driver and private helicopter pilot.

Morley Sage - Technical

Morley has over 30 years’ experience in the stove and fireplace industry as a former managing director of a leading stove and fireplace manufacturer and former chair of the Stove Industry Association. Morley is also on the board of a cancer charity and has a number of non-executive directorships outside of the industry.

James Verlaque - Technical

James has many years’ experience in the combustion industry, starting his career as a graduate trainee at the Coal Research Establishment (CRE) of British Coal. He has since worked across the board, from analytical and test laboratories to advising on strategic energy policy and played a key role in the transformation of CRE into a private commercial business. James helped implement the joint venture with Gastec NV and established the gas appliance laboratory which expanded to include oil and solid fuel appliance testing as well as offering consultancy services. James is also technical manager for the Stove Industry Association.

Richard Wakeford - Compliance

Richard was previously head of the Scottish Government’s Environment and Rural Affairs Department and internationally chair of the OECD’s Working Party on Rural Development Policy. He is also former chair of HETAS, the not for profit organisation offering the UK’s competent person scheme for installers of biomass and solid fuel heating, and registration for retailers and sweeps.

As the clearSkies Scheme owner, clearSkies Mark Ltd has a number of responsibilities. These are: