Beyond Ecodesign

The clearSkies mark has been developed as a way of encouraging the makers of stoves and fireplaces to go beyond the requirements of Ecodesign, a regulation by the European Parliament that sets out the required standards for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

Under the terms of the Ecodesign Regulation, all appliances manufactured for sale after 1st January 2022 must conform to the minimum efficiency and maximum emission levels set out in the Regulation.

A change for the better

Ecodesign was first introduced to the UK in 2009 under the Ecodesign Directive. In 2015 the Regulation was passed, and this meant manufacturers had to change the way they designed and made their appliances to ensure they conform.

In 2017 the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), a trade association of stove and fireplace manufacturers, distributors and retailers, launched the SIA Ecodesign Ready Scheme successfully showing that modern, clean-burning stoves can meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Regulation and that the industry is committed to improving standards.

Above & beyond

clearSkies goes a step further than Ecodesign for even greater efficiency and lower emissions. Not only do ALL clearSkies certified products meet the required standards for Ecodesign, Levels 4 and 5 exceed these latest standards. Plus, products certified as clearSkies Level 3 and above ALSO meet the UK legislative requirements for smoke control areas (Defra Exempt).

Future proofed

Put simply, choosing a clearSkies certified appliance gives you the assurance that you are buying a legally compliant and environmentally sound stove or fireplace for your home, and one that is future proofed with even greater efficiency and lower emissions for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.