Objective & independent

clearSkies is an objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification scheme for stoves and fireplaces. 

Initiated by the industry through the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), clearSkies is designed to drive the development of cleaner and more efficient appliances and is open to all manufacturers of solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

The clearSkies Scheme is owned by clearSkies Mark Limited, a new and independent body created to monitor, control and develop the scheme.

The clearSkies Board is made up of industry professionals, including representatives of the SIA, and consultants and academics specialising in air quality and bioenergy.

Kiwa Ltd has been appointed by clearSkies Mark Limited as the independent administrator of the scheme with responsibility for certifying appliances that have been tested by appropriately qualified third party test laboratories to verify their energy performance efficiency and emissions. 

Easily recognised

clearSkies certification provides an easily recognised and independent verification of appliance performance for both emissions and efficiency, helping you to make an informed purchase decision.


Find your perfect stove or fireplace

Within this website you will find the clearSkies product guide containing the details of all appliances that have achieved clearSkies certification. By using the product search function’s simple filters for brand, model and heat output you can quickly and easily narrow down your search for the perfect stove.