The clearSkies Scheme is owned and operated by clearSkies Mark Ltd  which trades as clearSkies. 

clearSkies Mark Ltd is an independent company limited by guarantee. clearSkies Mark Ltd is incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales with registration number 12311369 and its registered office is The Barn, Old Shirehorse Centre, Clifford Lane, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, CV37 8HW. VAT Number GB 337 1875 81. 

clearSkies Mark Ltd owns the clearSkies Marks. Their use is controlled by the clearSkies Mark Scheme Rules, the clearSkies Marks Licence and the clearSkies Brand Guidelines. All members of the Scheme must abide by the regulations set out in the Scheme Rules as well as the terms of the clearSkies Marks Licence and the clearSkies Mark Brand Guidelines. 

clearSkies was established to provide a means of communicating the efficiency and emissions performance of solid fuel fuelled, manually fed local space heaters and local space heaters with boilers. 

Initially, the certification will be awarded in four levels, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Additional levels may be defined at the discretion of the Company. These will be assigned based on the result of a calculation using the results of measurements of; net efficiency, emission of carbon monoxide (CO), emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx), emission of organic gaseous carbon (OGC) and Particulate matter (PM / PME) emissions. This procedure is defined in detail in the scheme criteria (see paragraph 2 of the Scheme Rules.) 

The Company may introduce additional performance criteria in the future, if in the opinion of the Company, these are appropriate to further the objectives of the clearSkies performance mark. 

The clearSkies Scheme was developed jointly by representatives of appliance manufacturers, chimney system manufacturers, appliance testing laboratories and bodies providing certification of biomass fuelled appliances.