The objective & independent emissions and energy performance certification mark for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

Why choose a clearSkies certified product?

Independent Certification

The objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification scheme for stoves and fireplaces.

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Future Proofed

clearSkies certification at Level 3 and above meets or goes beyond the emissions and efficiency requirements of the forthcoming Ecodesign legislation that will become law in January 2022.

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Environmentally Friendly

clearSkies certified stoves and fireplaces have low emissions and high efficiency whilst still being a very low carbon, environmentally friendly heating solution.

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Our certification system explained

All appliances that show the clearSkies mark have been independently certified by the Scheme administrator, confirming that they meet or exceed the forthcoming Ecodesign Regulations. This is based on the appliance’s independent test results for efficiency and four different types of emissions, and give the assurance that you are choosing a low emission and low carbon heating solution for your home.

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clearSkies explainer video

An explainer video has been produced by clearSkies designed to help you understand the scheme and its benefits. This short video explains how the clearSkies mark can help you identify those stoves that are significantly better than the Ecodesign entry level in terms of emissions and efficiency. Watch the video by clicking here to find out how choosing a clearSkies certified stove means you can be sure you are buying an environmentally friendly, low carbon, low emissions stove with the very latest technology.


How to find a clearSkies certified product

By using the simple search tool below you will be able to either easily check whether your selected appliance is clearSkies certified or identify all the clearSkies certified products that meet your criteria. Once you have made your choice we recommend you read our guide on buying a wood stove or fireplace

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